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The World of Anguin by Royceedk The World of Anguin by Royceedk

Sun Island:

Sun Island is an island, with a king called Jorn Gilhan, but referred to (by himself and his followers) as”The Sun Prince”. Gilhan lives in a castle called “Tundre” which is the only castle located on “Sun Island”. The people of Sun Island are very religious people. They pray to the sun god. They will fight for their belief, and this group of people has done that many times throughout history. A little about the people on Sun Island:

    ·         Most of these people have brownish-red hair, with blue eyes. (only a few doesn’t have, and they have come from other places around the world of Anguin)

    ·         They are tall and beautiful people, who accept no-one, if they do not believe in the sun god.

    ·         Every believer in the sun god, have been marked with the mark of the Sun Island. (A mark, burned on the skin with a hot piece of iron, shaped as “the sun island”.

    ·         In the mountains of “Sun Island” They have mines, which mine coal, Iron, Gold and gems. (It’s a very rich environment.) In the fields they harvest food, corn and other supplies, and in the forest they gather wood, food and other supplies. In the ocean they fish. Yet there is one thing that they do not have, and that is Silver, because the only way to get silver, is through “Silver dale”

    ·         Legends say that Gilhans ancestor Roman Gilhan (554 years ago) met the Sun God, and was granted his noble status as the king of the “sun island” Where he fought battles in the name of the sun god, with a sword that was lit on fire, golden armor with gems on the chest, and a shield with the symbol of fire. On a journey to wage war against Stapta, his ship crashed into the sea of the drowned, and never to be seen or heard from again. He was a great and fearless warrior, skilled in both tactics and warfare. But now, he is just a myth (which Jorn Gilhan believes in)

    o   Roman Gilhan was the reason to why Saren is so barren, him and his army set ablaze this former great forest, to destroy the once mighty kingdom of Yank.




Mino is a castle in the North region of Kolantine, and here lives the king of the forest, Sam the elder. Sam the elder is a king at the age of 53 who’s only goal is to preserve the nature. He believes in the unknown gods of the nature, and together with his people, they protect and work together with the forest. They are a people that is rarely heard of, and seen, they aren’t friendly towards outsiders (because of the protection of their mysterious and magical forest) and will normally capture on sight. (They have scouts and soldiers located around their region) They are a people that resembles the elvers, tall, beautiful, blondhaired. Even though that they sound like a peaceful people, they are not. They are all trained in the art of war, and mostly everyone is very skilled. (and the fact that they have nature on their side benefits them a lot) They sometimes trade with the Sun Island, but only for the materials they need, no talk, no sightseeing, only trade.


Koras is a castle in the north-west region of Anguin, and is made up with merchants and traders. This castle doesn’t have one king, but three, three merchants; Joras the clever, Martyn the wise and Sonta the silent one, whom regularly have meetings about the cities, castle and city. This city is made up from people around the world, and the only means of survival in this city is; skilled in warfare, trading or if you have some other talent, that can grant you money. Because in the city of Koras, it’s the amount of money you have, or your ability to kill a man, that makes you prestigious. A prince or a king with no money would be ignored.



Sor is a castle in the south-west region of Anguin, and is ruled by the Great and Valiant king; Tymar II, Tymar II is a king in the age of 48, and the child of the former king; Tymar the Brave, who fought many wars against the king of Fenta. Sor, is still at war with Fenta, and these two kingdoms have waged war for over 250 years. The war was started because of the killing of a prince, in a disagreement, and since then it has escalated. Tymar II is a just man, with a clever mind, and a great sense for tactics, he is skilled in warfare, and have grown up with warfare. The region of Sor is rich, yet not as rich as the sun Island, but rich in materials indeed. They have several means of defense against the attackers form Fenta. At first; there is the mountains, but the mountain pass can be accessed. Secondly there is the river, which has eroded some of the coastline, and makes it a great place of defense.  Then there is the city walls, and the castle walls.

Sor controls a traderoute, from the big river, that is located close to the castle, this they get money from, whenever some traders from Koras or The sun Island have to pass through, or the other way around.

The people in Sor are normal human beings, most have brownish hair, but on occasions there is people with a different hair color,



Fenta is a castle in the southern region of Kolantine, and is a very defensive city, because of the mountains and the rivers. They are a people made of war and wage war against almost everyone they can. Yet only one war at the time, since their tactics aren’t advanced enough to take on much more. They are a people that resemble orcs, in looks and in acts, a very aggressive people. Not much is known about their culture, because it is hard to get up close and study them. Since they usually are very aggressive, and the more clever ones have moved to different areas (such as koras or other places)



Dumo is an abandoned and destroyed castle, with a few villages around it. It is located on the biggest of the islands that is from Pantoine islands, and is said to be from the former kingdom of the YANK. Visitors to these islands does not come back, and no one knows why, myths say that the destruction of the YANK brought forward beasts of unimaginable power, only to roam the islands, and set free their destructive powers. A recovered and old script tells of such monsters being brought there from the sky, and from the ground, and they fought with each other for several days. Beings of lightness and darkness. These were called the elementals of Pantoine.  



Stapta is a castle on the big continent of Parog, and here lives the king of silver, Moran Tobir, and Moran Tobir is a great warrior, but small in size. This continent is inhabited by dwarves that graves for gold, the gold that they cannot get on their island, so that Is why they normally trade with the sun prince, silver for gold. They are skilled builders, and skilled warriors, yet they are friendly until other reason is proved. They are the ones that are in control of Silver Dale, and will keep the control of that place until the last dwarf is gone.


Papa, Pasten and Gork

These three islands contain the most feared and fearless beings of all. This is where the Kanto people lives, and the kanto people are humanoid beings, with the skin of a lizard, and the claws of a tiger. Their culture is unknown, and people tend to stay far away from them.

The sea of the drowned

The sea of the drowned is a wild ocean, with big waves and great killer animals. It is a place to be feared.

It is a very stormy sea.

The calm sea

The calm sea is a beautiful sea, with peaceful animals and an abundance of fish. 

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